Thursday, October 14, 2010

takde life!

hey there. im so dayyumm bored right now. i tried to sleep but my mind kept thinking of many things. thats why i write this. im totally broke right now. i only have 4bugs in my wallet. i dont know what im gonna eat tonight. this morning, actually afternoon i only eat roti for my breakfast + lunch. omaigaddd so pity. what can i do, ive spent lots of money this month and now padan muka aku. hrmm mr.A has gone back to bintulu a couple of hours doa selamat for his mom going to hajj. i miss him so badly. last night we had a fight and today im down on narrow bones :(

damn i feel so lost.hungry.sad. A while ago i viewed the hari raya photos of my family (during pagi raya) while listening to starlight tears by kim hyu joong *i guess. i missd them in all of sudden and i cried. by that time i felt like i just wanna go home and be with my family. argh :'( ever once in a while i envy my housemates, cs their hometown are somewhere about from our hostel. they could go back using bus or train. while me? have to book the ticket one month early and theres no other way to go back aside from using flight.(ada cgek gik cara balit k perauk-,-) now they're only three of us left here. the others had gone back to their place. so quiet, lonely and of course bored.
just like the title above, takde life! memang takde life ah camni! fffak! :( I WANNA GO HOME! and eat delicious food made by my mak. kakzaty has ordered me to go back on this raya haji but i dont think i could make it because the ticket is soooo expensive. last time i checked; air asia 400++ mas 500++ GILAAA NAK? cuti dah la sehari je, nak balik berapa hari je, its not worth it! besides, i dont want to burden my ayah. unless he ask me to go back juakk, bolehhh bahh ayah! HEHE

Family, i miss all of you soooooooo damn much.take care and love ya until eternity.

A. im sorry for making you upset. i just cant control my temper. sorry for my false behaviour. please take a good care of yourself there, and i love you always ;)

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