Monday, November 1, 2010

Good Afternoon November :')

Hello November 2010! Usually this is my favourite month every year. Sebab apa? Sebaaaabb ni bulan aku lahir laaa. :D tapiii, kenapa kali ni aku mcm tak happy je nak sambut bulan ni. Rasa mcm sedih je, kalau boleh nak skip bulan ni. maybe sebab ye la my birthday kan. semua org expect something good gonna be happen on their big day. just like me. i want this something, something that is impossible for me to get it or to own it ;( Aku tahu aku takkan dapat benda tu kan. that is why im upset when i think of it. sometimes aku rasa mcm life ni tak adil. tapi tak boleh nak fikir mcm tu laa mimi. Kau kena bersyukur dgn apa yg kau ada wahai mimi. apa apa pun, life must go on. jgn laa nak fikir sangat pasal benda tuuu. Fuck the fucking thoughts and just live your life mimi. jyeah!

Dear family, this girl is missing all of you so muchies. ;)

Dear boyfriend, please be faithful to me.

Dear bestest friends, do keep in touch.

to all of you, may your day filled with happiness and may God bless you people <3

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