Saturday, November 27, 2010

Disaster Date.

now i know what 'deeper conversation' means. ok. i'll try my best.. no no no. I MUST get used to the fact that he said to me tadi. you are right mister. we still have long journey untuk ditempuh. dear mimi, wake up please wake up!! remember this, Allah tidak akan mengubah takdir seseorg itu jika dia sendiri tidak berusaha untuk mengubahnya. *something like that ayat nya. but you know the meaning of the sentences kan? c'mon mimi! wake up! u have right to be happy, to experience, to try, to do whts young ppl do and apa apa jak lah! not depending on anyone, try to be independent. you still young. like Ayah said, mun ada jodoh sik ke cne bah. tok masa untuk achieve ur dream. not dreaming of something useless! youre wasting your time tau tak? sampai bila nak tnggu nak berubah? try to be tough, i believe i can do it. its not that ur a girl means ur weak. kau silap. mentally mok kuat ok. make a pray, only He can help you. InsyaAllah. Amin. :')

2009 - baru lagi time ni. wish i cud turn back the time

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