Sunday, August 22, 2010

hey, its twenty second, again!

Today is our 3rd year anniversary and, Sayang, Happy Anniversary!heee.hati bunga bunga lah sekarang.rindu sangak kat awak lash.Alhamdulillah this year no 'aja aja fighting' on our anniversary,eventhough he's far away from me.hahaha.kmkorg sik pernah nak wish sama dirik on first and second year.we've had a really bad situation masa ya.AH!malas la nak fikir.aku harap gilak gilak relationship tok dpt bertahan sampe bila bila.Sayang, only God knows how much my love for you.No matter what comes out from my mouth,i always love you.thats my promise sayang. Sayang, i miss you a lot.Theres no romannntic candle light dinner nor a special present for you,but ive got an uncounted love specially for you darling.Sayang,I appreciate every advice u gave.Sayang,im sorry for being stubborn,acting like an idiot and whatever ive done towards you.Im so sorry.Selamat Hari Raya Sayang!HAHA.ILY! lots of love, NAMR 22/8/10 6:33am

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